Echo ohne Ortsangabe

Heidemarie von Wedel

print-run 100 copies
brochure, thread bound, digital printing
320 x 230 mm, 56 pages
published by UND EINS, 2017


VAT exempted according to UStG §19
Delivery Time: ca. 10 workdays

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At the outset for Echo ohne Ortsangabe were small black-and-white analogue prints from my archive. In the course of their artistic re-actualization the prints were re-photographed and retouched only to the degree that would allow the report of their original quality in a publication. However, some of the reproductions show more than the perfect replay of the archive photo but also parts of the carrier on which the image was placed for the purpose of reproduction.
Within the sequence that was defined for Echo ohne Ortsangabe the single pictures not only refer to each other through formal similarities. The report of the pictures in the sequence also change between the display of image as image and image as archival document, which somewhat creates an echo from an otherwise unidentifiable origin. Altogether the images occur as if distant and floating within a silent, vague space that was made to subject the images to a second glance. Past is always re-negotiable. — Heidemarie von Wedel