interview with Nick Geboers

Meanwhile in Antwerp — Interview with Nick Geboers

What is your relationship to the medium photography?

There are three things that instantly come to mind: The medium of photography allows for an almost infinite number of techniques and combinations of its different parameters. It can be a very simple tool to make an image. It can also be made into a very complicated piece of wizardry, a black box that creates beauty by accident, in ways we can’t fully comprehend nor describe properly.
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Meanwhile in … — Interview with Hristina Tasheva

How do you use photography in your work?

As medium photography empowered me to visualize and spread a different narrative on the identity of the migrant and the emergency of it stemmed from my background of East European woman living in the Netherlands.

In times of fast technological development and the Internet, when everybody uses cameras and makes photographs in daily life, photography became a universal visual language: approachable and familiar for everyone, made by everybody. I rely on these characteristics of photography to communicate with a wide audience by using the same language. The way images are made, spread and applied reminds me of folklore with its anonymity, poetry, amateurism, horizontal structure of sharing, having life as a main source of inspiration. Continue reading Meanwhile in … — Interview with Hristina Tasheva

Tidal Horizon by Matthieu Litt at Le Jacques Franck Culturel Centre
(c) photo: Matthieu Litt

Tidal Horizon — solo show by Matthieu Litt

Le Jacques Franck Centre Culturel, Brussels

See Tidal Horizon by Matthieu Litt at Le Jacques Franck Centre Culturel in Brussels.

Tidal Horizon
Jan 10 — March 29, 2020

Opening Friday, Jan 10, 2020, 6 PM,
with a music performance by Myriam Pruvot starting at 8 PM

Le Jacques Franck Centre Culturel
Chaussée de Waterloo Laan 94, 1060 St-Gilles, Brussels

The exhibition Tidal Horizon by Matthieu Litt is the second collaboration between the Jacques Franck Cultural Center and the Charleroi Museum of Photography

In Tidal Horizon, photographer and graphic designer Matthieu Litt presents a selection of images taken during an artist’s residency in Norway. At the heart of this work, the perpetual movement of the universal phenomenon of the tides brings the photographer to wonder about the dialogue between Man and Nature, and immerses him to reflect on the notion of the Sublime.

The sequence offers a poetic and philosophical examination of the interaction between Man, at the height of his finitude, and Nature, on the scale of his unlimited time, unless following the observation of the various harmful effects of human origin, perception surreptitiously becomes the opposite …

More information about Matthieu Litt and his publication Tidal Horizon can be found here.

Conrad Müller, Sinken, Setareh X, Düsseldorf
Conrad Müller, Sinken, Setareh X, Düsseldorf

sinken — solo show by Conrad Müller

Setareh X, Düsseldorf

See work by Conrad Müller at Setareh X in Düsseldorf.

Jan 10 – Feb 2, 2020

Opening , Jan 9, 2020, 7 PM

Hohe Straße 53, Düsseldorf

The conceptual working artist Conrad Müller (b. 1983) is examining the conditions, possibilities and effects of photography as a visual medium. Two large-format image constructions that seem minimalistic are based on unexposed photographic material. In dialogue with these are small-format colour photographs of everyday situations that have been created by photographical means. Conrad Müller’s work asserts itself as a contemporary and future-oriented position that comments on and reflects the history of photography.

More information about Conrad Müller and his publications and editions can be found here.

Marché du livre photo ou L'image sans nom at L’image sans nom

Photobooks & Glühwein, what else?

L’image sans nom, Liège

Are some christmas presents still missing? Please visit us this Sunday in Liège during Photobooks & Glühwein, what else? at L’image sans nom. Together with Tipi Bookshop, Brussels and Editions du Caïd, Liège and Primitive Editions, Brussels,  will be around with our full program of fine photo books and artist’ editions. 

Opening hours
Sunday, Dec 15, 2019
10 AM – 5 PM

Fair Venue
Place Vivegnis 6,
4000 Liège

Free admission
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fine photo books and artist editions