Tique Salon #13 — Thomas Nolf and Defrost Studio

Tique I art space, Korte Vlierstraat 5, 2000 Antwerp

Please join us for Tique Salon #13
on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 7:30 PM
at Tique I art space, Korte Vlierstraat 5, 2000 Antwerp

During Tique Salon #13, Brussels based collective Defrost Studio (Marco Tiberio and Maria Ghetti) will share insights about their project ImmoRefugee and photographer Thomas Nolf will present his publication Peculiar Artifacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, published by APE in 2017.

ImmoRefugee is a publication based on a photographic project composed by 110 pictures showing the different typologies of houses in Calais, build by refugees. The work was meant to give a different perspective on the topic of migration, talking about a unique city that existed and it’s probably never going to be replicated. The exhibition ImmoRefugee is currently on view at Tique | art space.

Peculiar Artifacts in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the result of a 4-year project in Bosnia-and-Herzegovina where Thomas Nolf came across the existence of pyramids, stone spheres and other peculiar artifacts, discovered by Semir Osmanagich and his team. Aiming to draw an alternative biography that counteracts the post-war disillusion, Nolf photographed, intervened and ultimately tried to pedestal the phenomena as a history to believe in.

All talks will be conduct in English.

Tique Salon is formulated and organized by Katrin Kamrau (malenki.net) and Welmer Keesmaat (Tique).

Tique Salon #12 — Hans Demeulenaere and Marc Nagtzaam

Tique I art space, Korte Vlierstraat 5, 2000 Antwerp

Please join us for Tique Salon #12
on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 7:30 PM
at Tique I art space, Korte Vlierstraat 5, 2000 Antwerp

During Tique Salon #12, Marc Nagtzaam and Hans Demeulenaere will talk about their collaboration. Since 2010, they worked together on several shows, individual works and publications. At the moment they are preparing a new publication on the occasion of a presentation at Emergent (Veurne).

Marc Nagtzaam (b. 1968) works mainly with drawing, text, artist books and occasionally sculpture. While Nagtzaam’s drawings are far from devoid of any sense of discovery, they are extremely programatic, composed of tight, deliberate gestures.
In 1998 Marc Nagtzaam and Roger Willems published Roma Publications number 1, entitled (SOME). Nagtzaam has been producing publications with Roma on a regular base ever since. At the moment he is working on 2 new books, ‘Regular Features’, which brings together text fragments collected and drawn between 1992 and 2018, and a book which collects fragments of drawings, sketches, installation views, Riso and laser prints; material Nagtzaam constantly re-arranges to make new drawings and installations.

Central to the research of Hans Demeulenaere (b. 1974) is the way we experience architectural objects and furniture within a sculptural reality. Sometimes, this way of experience is based on a ‘reflective’ processing of the objects, on the other hand on the change due to small additions or modifications. Since 2011 Hans Demeulenaere has produced several publications with such as MER. Paper Kunsthalle, Roma publications and posture editions. At the same other smaller publications are produced in collaboration with other artists or designers. Last year Hans Demeulenaere made a book at Frans Masereelcentrum during a residency. His book can be opened like a kind of harmonica as well as leafed through: one side with Demeulenaere’s own black-and-white images, and one in which his intellectual world unfolds for you in a concatenation of references.

All talks can be conducted in English.
Tique Salon is formulated and organized by Katrin Kamrau (malenki.net) and Welmer Keesmaat (Tique).

Hanna Zänker at Duesseldorf Photo Books

Hanna Zänker collects — pictures from books, newspapers, magazines, television and the internet. This clippings of media noice, she transforms  into its own cosmos. An organic entity made of something alien to nature, which she combines into books, photos and collages (source: Brause Kunst).

Hanna Zänker presents six publications at our malenki.net booth during Duesseldorf Photo Books: Der Tastsinn des Auges, #dieperfekteoberfläche, Von der Welle lernen / Moses im falschen Land / Wo hell und dunkel sich treffen, Die Landkarte der Träumer, As far as the eye can see and Bildfehler Nr.7.

During a conversation with Katrin Kamrau on Sunday at 13:30, Hanna provides further insights into her creative process. Welcome!

Duesseldorf Photo Books

Hochschule Düsseldorf, Münsterstraße 156, Düsseldorf

malenki.net would be happy to welcome you next weekend during this years Duesseldorf Photo Books fair at Hochschule Düsseldorf. At our table you can find a wide selection of our well-proven malenki.net programme as well as the most recent publications by Julia Debus, Marc Bertel, Polly’s Picture Show and hesperus print* VerlagHanna Zänker will be our guest during this fair. Discover her work and meet her in person at our table or join her public talk on Sunday at 1:30 PM.

On Saturday and Sunday a public programme will be organised. More details about the fair and the whole list of participants here.

Admission is free.

Opening hours
Friday, February 16, 2018
6PM – 10PM
Saturday, February 17, 2018
11AM – 8PM
Sunday, February 18, 2018
11AM – 6PM

Fair Venue
Hochschule Düsseldorf
Gebäude 4 & Bibliothek
Münsterstraße 156
40476 Düsseldorf

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