Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair
© Stephan Peleman

Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

On Saturday October 14th 2017, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp will open its doors to the 4th edition of the annual Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair.

This fair has become a must for lovers of avant-garde material, artists’ publications, exhibition catalogues, art books, magazines and other art related printed matter. Again we will host more than 70 publishers, artists, antiquarians and art centers from Belgium and abroad. They will offer a range of high end and affordable gems.

This fourth edition will have some new profiling: contemporary publishers and artists will have its ‘core’ (PRESENT) at the centrally situated Wintertuin. It will also be the venue for artistic interventions and performances. PRESENT is organised by Katrin Kamrau ( and Welmer Keesmaat (Tique).

Around this a network of exquisite antiquarians (PAST) will tempt the visitor to explore art history’s past in the atmospheric spaces of the Academy. PAST is organised by Hugo Draulans and Stephan Peleman.

Please join us for Tique Salon #10 during the 4th Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

During this anniversary edition of Tique Salon we’ve invited several artists and publishing houses for performances and interventions.

Line up

10:00 to 11:30 AM Title Press – performance by Athar Jaber
11:30 AM reading by Karina Beumer
12:00 AM presentation by Giuliana Prucca (Avarie) on the making of Ion Grigorescu – From static oblivion
1:30 PM reading by Karina Beumer
2:00 PM performance by Paul Hendrikse
2:30 PM In the end books? presents: performance by Nina Markkula – The Hairy Woman
2:50 PM reading by Karina Beumer
3:00 PM C I Q I M I T presents: performance by Francesca Chiacchio – IL PALINSESTO – COLORING BOOK n°2 / POINTS: YELLOW / RED / BLUE / GREEN
3:30 PM reading by Karina Beumer
4:00 PM a talk between Johan Pas and Katrin Kamrau on his recent publication: Artists’ Publications: The Belgian Contribution

The performances and interventions will be held in various languages.

Afterwards book launches with

Groupsdruk – launches Gerard Herman: Hij wil dat zijn hem één zoen geeft
trampoline gallery – launches a new issue of W wh at*, a publication by voorforvaast fan club and a new artist book by Fia Cielen
Sleeperhold – launches a new LP
L’APPÂT – launches Disasters by Danijel Cecelja
Bartleby & Co. – launches two new publications: Paula Cohen, Herman Melville, Moby Dick and Octave Pelletier, Franck Sainte Martine, Gilles Sebhan: Dreamland, l’Hypnotiseur pratique
KONT – launches KONT magazine nr 1
HAEDS – launches Balkanton 7” by Jan Panev
Atelier Broucke – launches Manen en laarzen, Bijzondere verschijningen tijdens Turnhoutse veldslagen (2017) by Koen Broucke
Galerij S&S – launches The Ellipsis by Marc Vanderleenen
Ersi Varveri – launches a new collection of ready maiden t-shirts
Chantal van Rijt – launches her publication Analemma
Joppe Venema – launches a new art edition
10191 – launches The Invention of Crusoe
Frans Masereel Centrum – launches Archief 5 by Jef Geys

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