Tique Salon at Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair
after Stephan Peleman © document-architecture.com

Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair — Tique Salon #10

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

Please join us for Tique Salon #10 during the 4th Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

During this anniversary edition of Tique Salon we’ve invited several artists and publishing houses for performances and interventions.

Line up

10:00 to 11:30 AM Title Press – performance by Athar Jaber
11:30 AM reading by Karina Beumer
12:00 AM presentation by Giuliana Prucca (Avarie) on the making of Ion Grigorescu – From static oblivion
1:30 PM reading by Karina Beumer
2:00 PM performance by Paul Hendrikse
2:30 PM In the end books? presents: performance by Nina Markkula – The Hairy Woman
2:50 PM reading by Karina Beumer
3:00 PM C I Q I M I T presents: performance by Francesca Chiacchio – IL PALINSESTO – COLORING BOOK n°2 / POINTS: YELLOW / RED / BLUE / GREEN
3:30 PM reading by Karina Beumer
4:00 PM a talk between Johan Pas and Katrin Kamrau on his recent publication: Artists’ Publications: The Belgian Contribution

The performances and interventions will be held in various languages.

Afterwards book launches with

Groupsdruk – launches Gerard Herman: Hij wil dat zijn hem één zoen geeft
trampoline gallery – launches a new issue of W wh at*, a publication by voorforvaast fan club and a new artist book by Fia Cielen
Sleeperhold – launches a new LP
L’APPÂT – launches Disasters by Danijel Cecelja
Bartleby & Co. – launches two new publications: Paula Cohen, Herman Melville, Moby Dick and Octave Pelletier, Franck Sainte Martine, Gilles Sebhan: Dreamland, l’Hypnotiseur pratique
KONT – launches KONT magazine nr 1
HAEDS – launches Balkanton 7” by Jan Panev
Atelier Broucke – launches Manen en laarzen, Bijzondere verschijningen tijdens Turnhoutse veldslagen (2017) by Koen Broucke
Galerij S&S – launches The Ellipsis by Marc Vanderleenen
Ersi Varveri – launches a new collection of ready maiden t-shirts
Chantal van Rijt – launches her publication Analemma
Joppe Venema – launches a new art edition
10191 – launches The Invention of Crusoe
Frans Masereel Centrum – launches Archief 5 by Jef Geys

fine photo books and artist editions