Heidemarie von Wedel is a visual artist based in Stuttgart, Germany. She studied painting and art history at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, and photography and film as a postgraduate at the University College Slade School of Art, London. From 1993 until 2008 she was the professor for photography at the Merz Academy, University of Design, Art and Media, in Stuttgart. Von Wedels artistic work revolves around the conditions of visibility by using different media such as collages, drawings, sculptural models, as well as photographic images, which she either composes herself or come from different sources. Heidemarie’s practise is driven by a poetic nevertheless analytical impact regarding the subjectiveness of understanding visual representation as such.

Her founding of UND EINS as a label for her books and zines in 2012 was inspired by the emergence of new fields in the realm of artists’ book discourses, which opened experimental paths to sub-cultural practice and new formats of critique within an extended network of artists and collectors.


Meanwhile in Stuttgart – an interview with Heidemarie von Wedel