malenki.NET #1

Please join us next week during malenki.NET #1 at Tique I art space in Antwerp. From Sept 26 through Sept 28 Tamami Iinuma, Liesbet Grupping, Oliver Leu, Lotte Reimann, Kathi Seemann, Rio Staelens and Hristina Tasheva will show and share their recent publishing-related work or work-in-progress in a spacial presentation and in lectures with visitors, like-minded… Continue reading malenki.NET #1

Wiels Art Book Fair would be happy to welcome you this weekend during  Wiels Art Book Fair at Wiels in Brussels. This time we will share a table with UND EINS (Heidemarie von Wedel) and hesperus*print verlag. Next to our well-proven program, you can explore  f.e. Tidal Horizon the recent publication by Matthieu Litt, Forain, Kaffers en Bourin… Continue reading Wiels Art Book Fair

Tique Salon #14 — Karina Beumer, Peter Lemmens and Brenda Tempelaar

Please join us for Tique Salon #14 on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, 7:30 PM at Tique I art space, Korte Vlierstraat 5, 2000 Antwerp For Tique Salon #14, we’ve invited Karina Beumer, Peter Lemmens and Brenda Tempelaar to present their artistic practice and latest publications. A series of (in)direct questions to one or two or… Continue reading Tique Salon #14 — Karina Beumer, Peter Lemmens and Brenda Tempelaar

Tique Salon #10

after Stephan Peleman ©

Please join us for Tique Salon #10 during the 4th Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair on Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 10 AM to 5 PM at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. During this anniversary edition of Tique Salon we’ve invited several artists and publishing houses for performances and interventions. Here you can… Continue reading Tique Salon #10