Meanwhile in Bristol — Interview with Garry Loughlin

What interests you in the medium of photography? Deep down I am interested in storytelling. I am driven by unearthing micro-histories and the discovery of elements that link series of events that initially seem fragmented. Photography for me is a way visualising the narratives that present themselves to me in my research.

malenki.NET 2019 — Hristina Tasheva

© Hristina Tasheva, Encyclopedia of Pain, 2019

Hristina Tasheva about her research she will share during malenki.NET: “Encyclopedia of Pain is a work in progress that is inspired by my background and identity. Coming from the Eastern Bloc and living in the Netherlands, I am seen also as a ‘communist’ by the local people. To understand the ‘real’ meaning of this word,… Continue reading malenki.NET 2019 — Hristina Tasheva