malenki.NET 2019 — Hristina Tasheva

Hristina Tasheva, Encyclopedia of Pain, 2019
© Hristina Tasheva, Encyclopedia of Pain, 2019

Hristina Tasheva about her research she will share during malenki.NET: “Encyclopedia of Pain is a work in progress that is inspired by my background and identity. Coming from the Eastern Bloc and living in the Netherlands, I am seen also as a ‘communist’ by the local people. To understand the ‘real’ meaning of this word, I decided to investigate the histories of the communists in the Netherlands during the WWII and the deeds of the Bulgarian communists in power against their ‘enemies’ after the war. Parts of my research are based on questions like: Were the communists victims or perpetrators? How do the present societies organize the places of remembrance of the victims of totalitarian regimes? And is it possible to build a narrative that is critical, but also ethical, able to provoke and to keep a dialogue that provides an understanding for ‘the other’?

Hristina Tasheva is a visual artist that uses her experience as an Eastern European migrant in Western Europe and her position as a citizen as a driving force in her work. In her publications narratives are constructed through images and text, exploring the questions: Is it possible to build identities based on similarities and not on differences? What is it like to be a human?
Hristina will talk about her work on Saturday, Sept 28 at 5 PM in English language.