Echos from the Dephts (A true fiction)

Sarah Michel

print-run 200 copies
softcover with yellow jacket, staple bound, digital printing
250 x 175 mm, 28 pages
English / French
ISBN 978-2-9562253-4-8
published by Classe moyenne éditions, 2020


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None of it is true, he said. I fabricated every word of it!

On April 22, 1970, the centenary of Lenin’s birth, the foundation stone was laid in the Kola Peninsula, on the edges of the USSR, where the deepest hole in the world was going to be drilled. If the scientific discoveries are commensurate with the feat, the site of the Kola Superdeep Borehole will also give rise to an urban legend that will first spread in American evangelical circles in the early 90s, to today spread throughout the virtual world of conspirators. Documenting both the original scientific approach and the legend of Well to Hell, mixed in full page and thumbnail format, the images are all from the web. The poor quality of the compressed images translate the scrambling of the facts, the dilution of the truth in the fiction, just like the choir of texts stating so many snatches of alternative facts.