Uta Neumann

print-run 20 copies, numbered & signed
softcover, staple bound, digital printing
210 x 148 mm, 40 pages
with C-print, 118 x 150 mm, signed
self published, 2016


VAT exempted according to UStG §19
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Stranded Places and other Landscapes

The meaning of a landscape is multi-layered and not predominantly a (natural) phenomenon with a determined dimension and circumference. A landscape can also occur completely concealed in the crevice of a rock or in a tranquil corner of a room, and can expand beyond the visual, to become, perhaps, an audible landscape. I conceive landscapes as spaces, objects and bodies, as sounds and smells, thoughts and (sensory) perceptions. I attempt to translate my experiences of landscapes into my artistic work, which, ideally, cater for a renewed participation in the experiences, both my own and those of others. — Uta Neumann

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