de Parel-ketting

Liesbet Bussche

leporello, offset printed
150 x 105 x 18 mm, 28 cards
designed by Rob van Leijsen

This plublication was supported by the Mondriaan Fund.


VAT exempted according to UStG §19
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The name De Parel (The Pearl, La Perle, Die Perle, La Perla, Den Perlen, …), although indicating a precious possession, is a common name given to commercial businesses. Travelling around the Netherlands and Belgium, Liesbet Bussche photographed 28 businesses called De Parel. Her route is a necklace with pearls strung together via motorways. De Parel-ketting is a three meters long concertina, similar to the well-known souvenir for tourists; an accordion of postcards, a necklace of pearls.

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