The forgotten mobilization

Luise Schröder

folded poster,
660 x 990 mm, German

This work is a collaboration between Luise Schröder, the political scientist Sabine Merkel, the graphic designer Anika Rosen and the font designer Reymund Schröder.


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The forgotten mobilization is dealing with the relationship between historiography, gender and urban space using the example of Lutherstadt Wittenberg using different media. The artist deals with alternative narratives within the existing historiography and the utopian potential which can be applied to them. On the basis of a fictitious historical scenario The general strike of women of Wittenberg on 4 May 1987 Luise Schröder asks “what could have happened”. On  one hand, the memorial plaque designed for public space recalls this fictitious historical event, while simultaneously discussing the conditions of historiography and historical narratives. The typeface design Friedlaender especially designed for the plaque by Reymund Schröder, is a homage to the Jewish font designer Elisabeth Friedländer, who worked in Germany in the 1930s. The double-sided poster provides information on the reasons and the course of the strike. As installation The forgotten mobilization is supplemented by a video that presents suggestions by citizens of Wittenberg to the question which women of Wittenberg should be mentioned on possible memorial plaques in the city. This public survey was carried out by the artist in the run-up to this work.

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