Where Can I Find A Horse in Cambodia?

Viktor van Hoof

2nd edition print-run 250 copies
laminated softcover, swiss binding, thread bound, offset printed
245 mm x 340 mm, 56 pages
4 loose posters, folded ( 330 x 480 mm), digital printing
designed by Hannah Sakai & Michelle Lin
ISBN 9789464071030


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The golden age of Cambodian cinema, a period that lasted from 1960 to 1975, survives mostly in memory as many of the films were destroyed, and actors and directors killed by the Khmer Rouge shortly afterwards. This work, compiled during trips to Phnom Penh between 2017 and 2019, reimagines elements from this missing archive through reenactments and interpretations of oral remnants. A fanfiction existing at the borderlands of myth, history, and collective memories.

“I’m surrounded by landscapes of memory. The stories are still alive in their minds, but the visual source is no longer there. Absorbed by nostalgic fantasies I’m creating my own fiction, a fanfiction. Somebody else’s idea of somebody else’s world.” — Viktor van Hoof, from Where Can I Find A Horse in Cambodia?

Fanfiction is a work of fiction based on characters or settings originating in another work, created by fans of the original work rather than by its creators.