Meanwhile in Esporles — Interview with Dani Cardona interview with Dani Cardona

What interests you in the medium of photography?

In general, I am interested in photography and images for their ability to communicate. Images are a very present element in contemporary society, they are constantly consumed and created and (as happens with any human act or behavior) they generate communication. A communication based on the combination of images gives rise to visual narratives.

Dani Cardona

It is a communication in which there is no established vocabulary. A communication that can be divided into two parts: On the one hand the factual part — that is, what images provide us with on a documentary level and, on the other hand, the symbolic, aesthetic or subjective part, that photographs are capable to generate. My relationship with photography has gone through several stages: journalism, portraits, interiors or teaching. Now, I am interested in investigating visual narratives and how they are applied in today’s society.


What role does publishing play in your photographic practice and in particular in your work PARAiSO?

I think that the visual narratives applied to photo books are a very interesting way to deepen and continue analyzing the possibilities offered by the photographic medium.


Paraiso — Dani Cardona
Dani Cardona — Paraiso
Paraiso — Dani Cardona
Dani Cardona — Paraiso


What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on several projects at the same time. I don’t know which one I’m going to finish first. I like doing it like this. My personal work advances as a motivation, not as an obligation. That’s what commercial work is for. I like to feel free with what I do, experiment and then analyze.

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