Photo Book Salon — Düsseldorf Photo Weekend

Photo Book Salon - Düsseldorf Photo Weekend

We would be happy to welcome you this weekend at the Photo Book Salon in Düsseldorf. At the Library of Hochschule Düsseldorf we will be able to offer our whole programme as well as new editions by Düsseldorf based artist Conrad Müller.

Furthermore, we have invited the Cologne based artist Arne Schmitt with his latest publication Lob der Peitschenlampe and the Dresden based publishing house hesperus print* Verlag to be guests at our table.

On Saturday at 5 PM Katrin Kamrau will give a talk at the Photo Book Salon about and our programme.

The Photo Book Salon is part of the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend.
Admission is free.

Opening hours:
Friday, February 3rd, 6PM to 9 PM
Saturday, February 4th, 12 AM – 8 PM
Sunday , February 5th, 12 AM – 6 PM


Hochschule Düsseldorf
Campus Derendorf
Gebäude 1
Münsterstraße 156
D-40476 Düsseldorf