From Our Rooms

From 'Tima' © Paula Winkler
From 'Tima' © Paula Winkler

Paula Winkler is showing her work Tima in the group exhibition From Our Rooms at aff Galerie, Berlin. With work by Goodyn Green, Alexa Vachon and Paula Winkler.

From Our Rooms features the work of three Berlin-based women who engage with the concept of queer in their photography. The exhibition explores the relationship between photographer and subject and how gender roles both do and do not define the artists, their work and their subjects. read more

An artist talk with Goodyn Green, Alexa Vachon and Paula Winkler moderated by art historian and curator Frank Wagner, will take place on Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 7PM.

21 March, 2015 – 12 April, 2015
opening reception March 20, 2015, 7 pm

aff Galerie
Kochhannstr. 14
10249 Berlin