Meanwhile in Antwerp — Interview with Nick Geboers

What is your relationship to the medium photography? There are three things that instantly come to mind: The medium of photography allows for an almost infinite number of techniques and combinations of its different parameters. It can be a very simple tool to make an image. It can also be made into a very complicated piece… Continue reading Meanwhile in Antwerp — Interview with Nick Geboers

Ghent Art Book Fair would be happy to welcome you on Friday during this years edition of Ghent Art Book Fair at 019 in Ghent. We will offer a wide selection of small-scale publications and editions by various artists including Julie van der Vaarts’ recent publication Beyond Time, Félix Carpio’s Palimsest, Matthieu Litt’s Horshead Nebula and Nick Geboers’ edition Camouflage studies. A programme with lectures, presentations… Continue reading Ghent Art Book Fair