Meanwhile in … — Interview with Hristina Tasheva

How do you use photography in your work? As medium photography empowered me to visualize and spread a different narrative on the identity of the migrant and the emergency of it stemmed from my background of East European woman living in the Netherlands. In times of fast technological development and the Internet, when everybody uses… Continue reading Meanwhile in … — Interview with Hristina Tasheva

malenki.NET 2019 — Hristina Tasheva

© Hristina Tasheva, Encyclopedia of Pain, 2019

Hristina Tasheva about her research she will share during malenki.NET: “Encyclopedia of Pain is a work in progress that is inspired by my background and identity. Coming from the Eastern Bloc and living in the Netherlands, I am seen also as a ‘communist’ by the local people. To understand the ‘real’ meaning of this word,… Continue reading malenki.NET 2019 — Hristina Tasheva