Musa x paradisiaca L.

Martina Pozzan

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Musa x Paradisiaca L.* by Martina Pozzan is an ongoing work on biological diversity seen from an institutional perspective. A silent journey between dormant buds, a view of reassembling the natural at the genetic biodiversity limit. The visual journey crosses seamlessly different collections analyzed: seed banks, in-vitro conservation, cryopreservation and living collections.
*Musa x paradisiaca is the accepted name for the hybrid between Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. The ‘x’ taxonomic classification indicates a hybrid of a species if placed before the species. Most cultivated bananas and plantains are triploid cultivars either of this hybrid or of M. acuminata alone. ‘L.’ indicates the abbreviation of Linnaeus / Carl von Linné, the Swedish naturalist.


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