Marte Aas

print-run 500 copies
softcover, staple bound, offset printed
270 x 200 mm, 44 pages
with texts by Marit Paasche and Jennifer Higgie
ISBN 978-82-92224-10-6
published by Multipress, 2011

This publication is supported by the Norwegian Photographic Fund.


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Cinéma is the publication to an earlier work, a film with the same name, Marte Aas directed in 2010. „Cinéma escorts you through the history of film, passing the chronophotography of Edward Muybridge, the Lumière-brothers’ The Serpentine Dance (1898) and Richard Serra’s Hand Catching Lead (1968). Cinéma informs you of how modern man treats movement. It shows how the gaze of the film has become our own, how we have internalized its double approach — from behind and in front of the camera lens — and unconsciously made it ours. At the same time, Cinéma disturbs the acquired obviousness in our way of seeing. It is undoubtedly a performance on film.“ — Marit Paasche