Museum Pictorial Bronze mirror, incised

Kate Morrell

print-run 500 copies
booklet, staple bound, 2-colour litho print
210 x 148 mm, 32 pages

This publication has been realized with support of the Arts Council England and is published in the context of Kate Morrell’s project Lustre, commissioned by Legion TV.


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Museum Pictorial showcases and expands upon, a selection of bronze mirrors which are on permanent display at Kendal Museum, Cumbria. In the museum’s archaeology collections, displayed in 3 separate display cases, are 3 ancient mirrors: 1 Egyptian, 1 Celtic and 1 Roman. The mirrors are formed from the same material (bronze), but vary in appearance. One mirror is gold in colour, one has a silvered-effect surface and one is vivid green and oxidized. Bronze smelting developed at different rates throughout the ancient world and examples of bronze mirrors can be found within many different cultures and civilizations.

Bronze mirror, incised, presents a selective overview of ancient mirrors, placing 2 Kendal mirrors in a broader context. Additional objects of note are selected by Kate Morrell, directed by the artists’ research at Kendal Museum and online digital collections, including The British Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The featured mirrors are made from a variety of materials: bronze, copper, gold silver, obsidian, pyrite and glass. The earliest example presented in the pictorial, dates from the Stone Age