Comme la proue d’un navire

Sarah Michel

print-run 100 copies
softcover, thread bound, risographic printed
277 x 185 mm, 140 pages
ISBN 978-2-35046-438-1
published by Filigranes Éditions / indekeuken éditions, 2017


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Comme la proue d’un navire is born from a collection of snapshots being collected through methodical research on the Internet to build an archive; necessarily non-exhaustive results corresponding to the entry “pyramid“ on a search engine at a given time. This art of collecting is understood as a way of gathering what is scattered, of making an inventory of fixtures, but also as a will to ward off the ephemeral and virtual nature of these photographs.
Comme la proue d’un navire as publication is also a study, that of a shape and infinite architectural declensions to which it has given rise around the world. Through the diversity of uses, styles and contexts, there is a fascination for a simple geometrical form of the pyramid and its symbolic scope, the same craze for this figure of social or spiritual elevation. The emphasis on her, whether visual or literary, oscillates between romanticism, kitsch, megalomania and esotericism, with ever-present filigree, the persistence of the ancient.

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