19 2 9: ISLE OF PALMA – recap ed.

Martina Pozzan & Alberto Stievanin

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19 2 9: Isle of Palma is the first chapter in the series of isolari.
Isolario is a branch of geography devoted to the description, in verse or prose, of individual islands, combining nautical, chorographic, and topographical elements, and sometimes providing anthropological and mythological information. The interest in islands stems from the peculiar character of insularity, which makes a land perceptible in its entirety.
Taking a cue from this practice, the work of the authors Martina Pozzan and Alberto Stievanin presents isolari in images, enriched with news and content from their own personal travel experiences.
Specifically in the Isle of Palma, from the glittering pageantry of the centerpiece of the city of Palma, dotted with views similar to those of the great continental capitals, but dropped into the touristy Mediterranean settings, we delve into the bowels of the island, and its primordial and material nature. The narrative is cyclical, leading the viewer to re-emerge immersed in a bucolic vision, closer to how the island might perhaps have appeared to early explorers.
Isolari as a kind of guide to an imaginary tourism, an invitation to an “other” journey for the reader.