Fanzineist Vienna
Fanzineist Vienna

Fanzineist Vienna – Online Edition, which brings together small press and independent publishers, has the mission to make zines and art books accessible through exhibitions, workshops, concerts, screenings, and talks and introduce the viewer to the culture of self-publishing.

26.07. – 26. 08., 2021

featuring work by Hristina Tasheva, Axel De Marteau, Kate Morrell, Oliver Leu, Viktor van Hoof, Anne Penders, Martina Pozzan, Sarah Michel, Stéphanie Lagarde and Katrin Kamrau,

Fanzineist is a fair that welcomes artists, publishers, and other creative people to share their stories, knowledge, love of zines, and art books.

The virtual artbook & zine exhibition will take place in the Fanzineist Vienna- Online Edition for one month. This 3D showcase gives artists & publishers a display for their publications virtually. Visitors can view all original publications that are available for purchase directly from artists and publishers.

This virtual event allows you to use an exhibition space in these times where a physical event might not be possible in your country. In the virtual exhibition, the viewer can control their movements via keyboard or touch, zoom in and get additional information about the publications and artists.
Fanzineist Vienna is a non-profit art book & zine fair organised by Deniz Beser. More info here