Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair

Antwerp Academy Artbook Fair
© Stephan Peleman (photo) & Koen Caerels (design)

Find us this week Saturday at this years Antwerp Academy Art Book Fair.

Saturday, Oct 15th, 10 AM – 6 PM

Koninklijke Academie Antwerpen
Mutsaardstraat 31
2000 Antwerpen

Together with Welmer Keesmaat (Tique, Antwerp) we will host a small conversational program. This program takes place in the space called SHOP.

11:30 AM Track Report – NL.
Liesbet Bussche presents En Passant: de kunstenaar als reiziger, de reis als kunstwerk. The most recent publication of Track Report published by Antwerp Academy Art Press.
12:00 AM Gagarin – NL.
Wilfried Huet talks about artist magazine Gagarin.
12:30 PM Axel Claes – NL.
Alex Claes (Indekeuken / Chez Rosi) and Marco Jacobs presenting the Brussels Riso workspace Chez Rosi and their publication risograph series.
1:00 PM Collectiv National – NL.
Collectiv National is an artist initiative founded by Janna Beck and Vera Bohnen, centered around contemporary, multidisciplinary research and transmedia experiments.
1:30 PM Koen Broucke – NL.
Artist Koen Broucke presents his new book Hypocrief.
2:00 PM La Houle – EN.
Marie Lécrivain and Jef Caro (La Houle) in conversation with Myriam Arseneault-Goulet (Objets Minces) and Béatrice Lortet (Extrait).
3:00 PM L’Unità – EN.
Luc Fierens performes L’Unità, a 5 minutes performance.
3:30 PM DIAP – NL.
Bas Fontein (co-founder DIABP) talks about the collective Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers.
4:00 PM From Me To You Publications – NL.
Talk between Katrin Kamrau and Maud Vande Veire (From Me To You Publications).
4:30 PM Jacques Charlier & Red Jacket – NL.
Johan Pas (art historian and curator) introduces the exhibited artists’ books by Jacques Charlier and the project Red Jacket, a contemporary dialogue with the Emile Verhaeren,
at CC Ter Dilft during October 2016.
5:00 PM Nico Dockx – NL.