WIELS Art Book Fair, Brussels

See you tonight in Brussels! At Wiels Art Book Fair 2015 we will show books and collectors editions by Dani Cardona, Philipp Dorl, Iphygenia Dubois & Lore Horré, Simon Hempel, Marianne Hommersom, Aglaia Konrad, Karsten Kronas, Robert Schlotter, Dries Segers, Christian Tiefensee, Timur Yüksel, Annemie Augustijns, Yves Kerckhoffs, Ola Lanko, Christina Leithe H., Garry Loughlin… Continue reading WIELS Art Book Fair, Brussels

Wiels Art Book Fair

During this years Wiels Art Book Fair at Contemporary Art Center Wiels, Brussels / Belgium we will show publications and editions with a small printrun. Welcome at our table! 11 September, 2015 – 13 September, 2015 WIELS, Contemporary Art Centre Av. Van Volxemlaan 354 1190 Brussels / Belgium www.wiels.org