Memories And How To Get Them

Robert Schlotter

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With Memories And How To Get Them Robert Schlotter follows a view on memories and autobiographical memory, as a construct of latently fragmentary pictures. This work by Robert Schlotter is based on Super8 and 8mm amateur moviefilms, which he reproduces from the running projection.


Memories and how to get them raises the question about the latent, fragmentary nature of photography. On the one hand, its shifting between reality and fiction and vice versa gives rise to a quasi-infinite participative narrative. On the other hand, the awareness of the diversity of potential openings to representation stresses the impossibility of one absolute literal image and sharpens our critical reception and the way in which we deal with images. This topic is even more relevant when photography is used as a means to reflect upon the past and on collective remembrance. Contrary to popular opinion, memory is not a stable reservoir, but is shaped by the very act of recollection. Each alteration in world view involves new means of constructing it.”


From ‘I was here’ by Michèle Walerich, published in: Tourists & Nomads Marburg 2012, ISBN 978-3-89445-464-7