The Body Will Thrive

Lore Stessel

Dimensions 260 × 200 mm

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thread bound


260 x 200 mm


100 pages

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Design by Geoffrey Brusatto

additional authors

Texts by Nico Anklam & Marie-Pascale Gildemyn


English / French / Dutch


self published




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This book groups my photographic research on dance and movement of the past six years. It can be read as a choreography in which the rhythm of the dance is accompanied by the pace of turning each page. — Lore Stessel

Whether we float high above snow capped mountains or dive deep below the surface of the ocean, to where air bubbles beautifully twinkle, Lore Stessel’s images are breathtaking. (…) There is something all-encompassing in her works that reaches from the stratosphere, up above the globe, down to the charming wrinkles on the back of an anonymous nude. (…) Lore Stessel’s “images”, (…) generate (…) a fragile, threatened image, so close in its organization, its granular texture, and its emergent aspect, to certain Seurats an incomparable image which makes one dream of a photographic substance distinct from subject matter, and of an art in which light creates its own metaphor. (1) — from Nico Anklam, Up above the mountain, down by the sea. Painterly encounters of a photographic kind.

(1) Hubert Damish, Five Notes for a Phenomenology of the Photographic Image. In: October, Vol. 5, Photography (Summer, 1978), p 72