Eternal Error — Collectors Edition

Karsten Kronas

edition of 100, numbered & signed
loose-leaf-collection, pigment prints on 300 gsm Hahnemühle Baryta Satin
290 x 230 mm (print), 310 x 260 x 18 mm (box), 2019

Editions No. 1 to 49 come as loose-leaf-collection in a box, including seven varying numbered and signed pigment prints. Editions No. 50 to 100 are available as single prints.

85,00 290,00 

VAT exempted according to UStG §19
Delivery Time: 10 working days

The individual works move consciously at the border of the photographic image. They are lab experiments, developed from moments where the light, the chemical process of development, dominated the depicted. Photography is always an entanglement of visibility and invisibility, visualizationand withdrawal, knowledge and imagination: as often as photographs are seen, they are also testimonies of a past that remains unobservable. Concentrating on the visibility of the image often leaves the process of visualization too short, ignoring the production process in favor of what you see in a photo. The work places these questions at the limits of visibility, at the borders between the intentional and the unintentional. It switches perspectives, manipulate pieces to let the material compete against the sign: the view as a gateway for inevitabilities of all kinds.

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