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Dead Cities – Collectors Edition

Guillaume Greff

print-run 10 copies, signed print
softcover, volume 1 thread bound, volume 2 staple bound, offset printed
220 x 160 mm, 76 and 44 pages
with banderole
designed by Didier Fitan & Arnaud-Pierre Fourtané
text by Jean-Christophe Bailly
English / French / German
ISBN 978-2-9539867-2-3
Kaiserin Editions, 2013

The collectors edition of Dead Cities by Guillaume Greff includes untitled, Dead Cities, 2011 as inkjet print, 150 x 190 mm.


VAT exempted according to UStG §19

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‘Neutralize’ is a word regularly used to describe the action of armed forces overcoming their adversary in a conflict. Yet this action – whether in an actual war or in the context of some form of repression – can occur anywhere: its very principle involves a polymorphous and changing theatre of operations, unlimited both de jure and de facto. However, the idea emerged that this theatre had recurring forms and that there therefore must be a kind of ideal scene of neutralization and of the exercise of force. It ensues that one could build, for training purposes, a spatial model able to effectively reproduce the setting or the décor of the most frequently conducted actions. While the countryside and undeveloped areas used to – for the most part – do the job, the omnipresence of urban reality (including in modern-day conflict) has led to the creation of cities or fragments of cities that are like life-size models of the theatre of operations: the ideal city, one may say, from the perspective of the police or the army.

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