Forain, Kaffers en Boerin

Siska Vandecasteele

print-run 300 copies
thread bound and staple bound, digital printing
310 x 230 mm, 72 pages and 12 pages

2 publications with silkscreened slipcase, coin


VAT exempted according to UStG §19
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For three years, Siska Vandecasteele follows Johnny, who has been a merchant for all his life. Johnny gives the photographer an insight into the otherwise closed world of the fair. He opens the doors of his house and caravan for her. He alternately puts her on the wrong foot, and makes her think.

This book describes the story of Johnny in word and image. A typical atypical „foorkramer“. Siska Vandecasteele traces a world that is slowly disappearing. A world that seems different, but not so different from our world – those of the visitors or “kaffers en boerinnen“.

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