Axel De Marteau (b.1994, Antwerp) lives and works in Brussels. Key elements in his practice are urban development, the co-existence of humans and nature and the photographic medium as a mediator within the creation process. De Marteau’s photographs are not made within clear delineated projects. He rather approaches his archive as a growing structure wherein photographs can be reused and transformed. For him, this is a way to think about the materiality and stratification of imagery. It allows him to adapt his work to different spaces and the constantly changing context of his subjects. In 2016 Central E For Contemporary Art organized his first solo exhibition, entitled As a bird dives down the water.
His work was shown at Collectible Art Fair, Z33 House for contemporary art, Jan van Eyck Academy, Terrarium, Studio Omstand and BredaPhoto, among others. De Marteau is also active as an art critic and writer.