malenki.NET 2019 — Lotte Reimann

Lotte Reimann, from An Archivist Life
© Lotte Reimann, from An Archivist Life

work-in-progress: an archivist life is a process-oriented project focussing on the act of intuitive visual research. Starting point for this project is the archived legacy of Dr. Isabella van Eeghen (1913-1997)—a pioneering female historian and archivist— which is photographically digitized by Reimann and further processed by an online pattern recognition network. Reimann invites us to accompany her on a fictional and (post-?) feminist expedition on archival logic and binary fantasy at Tique I art space on Saturday, September 28th at 2 PM.

Lotte Reimann studied fine arts with a focus on photography. In her narrative projects—presented in artist books and installations—she combines lyricism with research. Found and self-made elements connect easily into open story lines, which on a meta-level explore power structures between author and subject, and the new visual and social conditions emerging alongside the world wide web. Currently she is a researcher at the Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht.