malenki.NET 2019 — Liesbet Grupping

Liesbet Grupping, Untitled (Nida), 2019
© Liesbet Grupping, Untitled (Nida), 2019

Liesbet Grupping about her contribution to malenki.NET:

My presentation during malenki.NET at Tique I art space will be connected to my series bleu, blue, blauw, blau, mėlyna, a work which focuses on the principal elements of photography – time, light, space, chance and interference. The camera is pointed to the (blue) sky and records through long exposures, for example from sunrise till sunset or 8 minutes and 19 seconds – the time sunlight needs to reach us. Recordings with exposure-times as such need (colour)corrections to avoid or reduce colour shifts. Bleu, blue, blauw, blau, mėlyna appeals to this inaccurateness and shifts.

In my artistic praxis I use photography as a means to clarify the different aspects of phenomena as well as the mental concepts one uses when observing the environment. In the presentation of my work I often opt for the exhibition space and the space of a booklet in which both outcomes are notably connected and can be seen as each other’s extension, summary and/or reference. In this I endeavour to make visible the actions and attitudes that are often behind my (photographic) images.

Liesbet Grupping will speak about her work on Friday, September 27 at 2:30 PM. Dutch and English language are possible.