malenki.NET 2019 — Kathi Seemann

Kathi Seemann,Youth, 2019
© Kathi Seemann,Youth, 2019

Y O U T H focusses photographically and linguistically on the structures of the rural life of village teenagers. The work challenges identification and interconnectedness, team play and group dynamic in local groups, clubs and circles of friends. Which role do youth-culture and fashion, “home” and tradition play in times of an increasing political shift to the right and glorification of life in the country-side?

In the book, which is created in line with the exhibition project, the photographs are accompanied by the essay Idealized Images of Rural Life: Between Right-Wing Ideology and the Romanticism of the Everyday by Yasmin El Sayed, as well as an essay and interview with Kathi Seemann about her photographic work. (Y O U T H by Kathi Seemann, 207 pages, illustrations in colour, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, German/English, print-run 300, self published, 30 Euro)

During malenki.NET a video-piece of  Y O U T H  is presented. In her talk on Friday, September 27th at 4:30 PM, Kathi will speak about her intention and the topic of her work. She reads excerpts of Y O U T H and will exchange thoughts with the public.

Kathi Seemann (*1989, Mannheim) is a photographer and designer based in Kassel. Her projects are dealing with sociocultural issues and daily-life phenomena. Publishing her work in diverse exhibitions or book formats, the artist aims for a direct engagement with the public.