Hanna Zänker at Duesseldorf Photo Books

Hanna Zänker collects — pictures from books, newspapers, magazines, television and the internet. This clippings of media noice, she transforms  into its own cosmos. An organic entity made of something alien to nature, which she combines into books, photos and collages (source: Brause Kunst).

Hanna Zänker presents six publications at our malenki.net booth during Duesseldorf Photo Books: Der Tastsinn des Auges, #dieperfekteoberfläche, Von der Welle lernen / Moses im falschen Land / Wo hell und dunkel sich treffen, Die Landkarte der Träumer, As far as the eye can see and Bildfehler Nr.7.

During a conversation with Katrin Kamrau on Sunday at 13:30, Hanna provides further insights into her creative process. Welcome!