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Timur Yüksel

Auflage von 50 Exemplaren, nummeriert
Softcover, Fadenheftung, Pigmentprint
210 x 142 mm, 56 Seiten
mit Silbergelatineabzug, 176 x 126 mm, signiert
Eigenverlag, 2014

Publikation und Fotografie sind vom Künstler handgemacht.


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I set out to search for trust. But what I actually found was the pure longing for it. Longings that drew me to a diversity of people, encounters and attitudes towards life, as well as bringing both: hope and failure. As diverse as people are, there is something that connects us all; the longing for something we can trust. — Timur Yüksel

Art.-Nr.: 1402. Timur Yüksel