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Horsehead Nebula

Matthieu Litt

Auflage von 300 Exemplaren
Softcover mit Klappen, Schweizer Broschur, CMYK und Gold, Condat Matt 110, Einlagen auf Chromolux 80, Offset
195 x 160 mm, 128 Seiten
Eigenverlag, 2015


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“While Matthieu Litt’s Horsehead Nebula doesn’t fall prey to the deficiencies of the travel photography genre, he remains gratifyingly aware of them, given his role as a photographer observing a place and a way of life that are, we must assume, far removed from his own. Indeed, how he plays with, resists and occasionally surrenders to the exoticising gaze of the photographer abroad, is one of the keys to understanding this work. (…) Litt’s pictures are light in a way that can at once acknowledge his (and our) role as interloper, without sacrificing any of the often magnetic pull that other cultures – and not just the culture of the Other – continue to have over our imaginations.“ — Darren Campion / paper-journal

Art.-Nr.: 1507. Matthieu Litt